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"Throughout my career, I have received useful advice and guidance by mentors from inside and outside academia. I would like to provide the same support for the next generation of scientist and curious minds to help them make the best of their abilities."

Julian Koellermeier, LSA 5 Alumnus and AlumNode Mentor

Why Mentorship Matters

Mentors become trusted advisers and role models – people who have "been there" and "done that." They support and encourage their mentees by offering suggestions and knowledge, both general and specific. The goal is to help Mentees improve their skills and, hopefully, advance their careers.

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The list of hashtags referring to our Mentors' expertise and topics is long! With our international and interdisciplinary network, Mentees and Mentors can interact and exchange relevant career topics on a common ground.

The AlumNode tool allows members to easily search for potential Mentors, based on the Mentee's interests and questions.

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Next Steps to become a Mentor/Mentee

  1. Update your AlumNode Profile (affiliation, location etc.)
  2. Take a look at the "Netiquette" (see Documents below). It is important to know the rules and be on the same page.
  3. Want to become a Mentee? --> Look at the list of Mentors and apply with a short application to your favorite Mentor of choice.
  4. Push your career: Once a Mentor has excepted your application, you can start organizing your personal mentoring relationship.
  5. Want to become Mentor? --> Register and complete your Mentor's Profile by adding your motivation and expertise (in hashtags).
  6. Be proactive and respectful anytime during your relationship.

If you have questions regarding the AlumNode peer mentoring, please let us know via