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We provide news on open calls and hacks for researchers and scientists in the news section. Also, we present personal and interesting career paths from your peers. See examples in the group "My Career Path".

If you want to share your career path and open up to the community just send Jessica an email or a direct message.

Exclusive Online-Workshops and Get-Togethers


Together with trainers and workshop hosts, we want to connect you and push your career possibilities. This is why we offer regular online workshops and events for the community.

Past workshops & events include:

  • Life Sprint - "Career Strategies for Scientists"
  • "From Reactivity to Proactivity" - Taking the lead in uncertain times
  • Being a Scientist and a Leader: How do you manage your project(s)?
  • Science Communication - How to communicate your research affectively
  • Mindfulness - how to be mindful in your career