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Project Funding

You can receive funding up to 6.000 euros for joint projects in each of the three categories (depending on the category and the applications):

1. Advocacy & Science Communication

2. Leadership & Career Development

3. Projects & Collaborations

Possible projects could be, but are not limited to:

  • a career development workshop
  • a workshop on a research topic/invite peers from the network to join the workshop
  • a conference presentation with fellow alumni including travel costs
  • travel costs/expenses to write a joint paper
  • an outreach or science communication project
  • a collective article on popular science or science policy
  • any interdisciplinary projects that foster cooperation within the network

Project leaders will have the opportunity to present their results and share their experiences at a digital meeting. Also, they will be provided with access to unique digital workshops on leadership, project management, and career tools.

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