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Your Possibilities on AlumNode

AlumNode makes it easy to locate your peers. Besides that, our platform offers the following features:

Address Book - Search for specific members in the Address Book or set criteria via the Advanced Search to look for fellow members that fit your criteria. You can also browse through the Members Map to see where the community is located and who could be a potential collaborator in your area.

Groups - Check out the groups on AlumNode and exchange with your peers on specific topics. The groups are divided into three categories: Leadership & Career Development, Advocacy & Science Communication and Projects & Collaboration

Events - Take a look at our upcoming events and sign up to participate. Benefit from valuable input and workshops on relevant topics or use the time with your peers to network.

Mentoring - Find or become a mentor on AlumNode to gain or share experience and guidance. Support and encourage your mentee(s) or improve your skills and advance your career yourself by starting a mentoring journey with a peer. You will find more details about the AlumNode mentoring journey in the documents below.

Messages - Write a direct message to someone in the community and stay connected with your peers through the messaging function.

My Profile - Make sure to complete your profile and keep it updated so your peers have the most current information to be able to stay in touch.

Good to Know

We support you with your projects and ideas on AlumNode. The next project funding round is right around the corner! Stay tuned - we're going to inform you soon!