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  • Want to ask an ERC-grantee for advice on your own application?
  • Searching for information from experienced professionals on working in the industry?
  • Looking for someone doing research that could facilitate your project?

AlumNode Groups

You can find compatible alumni to form a peer-mentoring group, collect information about various aspects of the topic, and share content that you find helpful here.

There are three thematic categories within the groups and project fundings:

  • Leadership & Career Development
  • Advocacy & Science Communication
  • Projects & Collaborations

Members Map & Networking

AlumNode makes it easy to find your peers and alumni. Check out the members' map to see who you could be working with - no matter if you are in the same region or from different countries. Digital communication makes every collaboration possible!

You can connect with everyone through the network using the channels like

  • direct message
  • email (see address book)
  • LinkedIn (connect your LinkedIn profile in your profile settings on AlumNode)
  • ResearchGate etc.

Note: Keep your profile on AlumNode up to date, as we use regional mailings to provide the information you need.

Project Funding

You can receive funding for up to 7.000 euros for joint projects in each of the three categories.

1. Advocacy & Science Communication

2. Leadership & Career Development

3. Projects & Collaborations

Possible projects could be, but are not limited to:

  • a career development workshop
  • a workshop on a research topic/invite peers from the network to join the workshop
  • a conference presentation with fellow alumni including travel costs
  • travel costs/expenses to write a joint paper
  • an outreach or science communication project
  • a collective article on popular science or science policy
  • any interdisciplinary projects that foster cooperation within the network

Project leaders will have the opportunity to present their results and share their experiences at a digital meeting. Also, they will be provided with access to unique digital workshops on leadership, project management, and career tools.

Find out more about our funding projects here.

News & (Online) Events 


We provide weekly news on open calls and hacks for researchers and scientists in the news section. Also, we present personal and interesting career paths from your peers. See examples in the group "My Career Path".

If you want to share your career path and open up to your community just send our community manager Jessica an e-mail or a direct message.

Exclusive Online-Workshops and Get-Togethers

Together with our trainers and workshop hosts, we want to connect you and push your career possibilities. This is why we offer regular online workshops on e.g. "Career Strategies for Scientists" (Life Sprint), or a workshop of three sessions "From Reactivity to Proactivity - Taking the lead in uncertain times". We keep you posted through our newsletter!

AlumNode Newsletter

We will send you a regular digest of content from the network – of course, you can always opt-out of receiving the newsletter.

You have ideas for more content or want to share your career path? Then be part of the network and feel free to send us content that you would like us to distribute.

Mailings and Invitations

Besides our regular newsletter, we would like to inform your about your possibilities on the platform. For example, we send out invitations for our free and exclusive digital workshops, digital community meetings and HLF news.

Note: You cannot unsubscribe from mailings. They contain important information for the whole community which we want everybody to receive.

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