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Photo: AlumNode Projects "Breaking the STEM Gap in Rural Africa", "eVidya", "Workshop Mental Health Time Management"

Alumni Projects by AlumNode Members

From Interactive E-Learning to a STEM-Conference for Students

The first round of AlumNode Project Funding ended in September 2020. Our alumni organized amazing projects based on their research fields or even beyond, reaching from workshops on "Mental Health in Academia" to the development of a device for "Animal Tracking".

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Pankaj Paranwal, Project Leader "eVidya" Pankaj Paranwal, Project Leader "eVidya"

Pankaj Baranwal and his team collaborated with the Bal Vikas Montessori School, a community-run school in India to find out the effects, impact and feasibility of introducing interactive e-learning courses in the curriculum at elementary level of education.

"Doing good, valuable and impactful research requires a lot of time, effort and dedication. By removing financial constraints and providing constant mentoring and feedback, AlumNode has provided a sweet spot for young researchers like me where we can focus on doing quality, meaningful research instead of worrying about the financial constraints or not having anyone to talk to about our progress."

AlumNode Funding 2021

The application phase for AlumNode Funding 2021 ended on May 15. The next funded AlumNode projects by teams of the community will be announced by July 2021.