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eVidya: Transforming School Education Through Technology

The Project

Pankaj Baranwal and his team members have initiated the following project idea: A team of several researchers will be collaborating with a community-school in India to find out the effects, impact and feasibility of introducing interactive e-learning courses in the curriculum at elementary level of education.

The Idea

In developing nations like India, efforts by the government and awareness in the community, have helped to slowly build enough infrastructure to support the education of the nation's 500 million children. Many of these educational institutions are community-run and provide free-for-all education through support from volunteers. Our hypothesis is that current semester-based curriculum is not appropriate for most of these schools, where most students belong to underprivileged families and find it hard to regularly attend classes and manage their struggle with life simultaneously.

Most academic problems faced by such community schools and students, boil down to one of the above mentioned factors. The one solution which addresses all these problems and has even been validated worldwide at a university level, is e-learning based teaching. We propose a new educational system - Learning through self-paced courses under supervision of faculty.

This project aims to provide a computer-aided course, similar to the ones provided by Coursera or Lynda & Khan Academy, but targeted at a younger audience (elementary school) which may be incorporated as part of the regular course work to encourage students to gain interest and pursue research in the domains of science and technology.


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