Photo by DHC Berlin: Torsten and Anna-Sophie together with the workshop trainers and participants. Photo by DHC Berlin: Torsten and Anna-Sophie together with the workshop trainers and participants.

Communicate Your Research, Make Society Better

Project summary

Two GSO-Leadership-Academy alumni, Torsten Weber and Anna-Sophie Jürgens, initiated the AlumNode project “Communicate Your Research, Make Society Better”. Within a one-day, free workshop, researchers get trained in how to share their research results effectively with society.

Questions like “How do we reach the appropriate audience?” or “What are effective ways of using Social Media?” are tackled and discussed. Project leader Torsten knows that “explaining scientific research results is a tough job” but he is also convinced that it is necessary to communicate professionally and strategically to make research more accessible.

The workshop took place in February 2020 in the Dahlem Humnaities Center Berlin, Germany. The participants were trained successfully with methods on communicating their research results on social media and other media platforms.


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