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Early- to mid-career researchers like you matter: grad students, postdocs, young professors and group leaders are the backbone of science and research. As academics who pursue a career in other sectors you use your skills to foster progress in business, politics, and non-profits

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum, the GSO Leadership Academy and the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund seek to empower you as the next generation of academics to achieve more independence and recognition. AlumNode is a collaboration of these organizations. There are many alumni platforms available, however AlumNode is designed to connect researchers and scientists who usually would not meet.

Our alumni have diverse backgrounds in disciplines ranging from astrophysics and mathematics to politics and history. They work in academia as well as in the private, public and non-profit sectors from all corners of the globe.

AlumNode is funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung gGmbH as well as the Max Planck Society.

To register as a member in AlumNode you must have participated in one of the three programs.

News | March 17, 2020
A year without conferences? How the coronavirus pandemic could change research

As scientific meetings worldwide are cancelled (including our AlumNode Get-Together) researchers are rethinking how they network — a move that some say is long overdue.  Read more...

News | March 10, 2020
7 Essential Tips for Working From Home

Many institues, universities, or companies are now switchting to work-from-home policies. That means lots of us are dealing with an unusual challenge: working from home for the first time, full-time.  Read more...

News | March 6, 2020
Junior Research Groups in Germany

The Returning Scientists Programme will open the door for you to set up and lead an independent junior research team at a university in NRW.  You will receive a personal financial commitment of up to 1.25 million euros for a period of five years and enter into negotiations with universities of your choice.  Read more...

News | Feb. 27, 2020
Ten Simple Rules to becoming a principal investigator

The biggest choke point in an academic career is going from postdoc to principal investigator (PI): moving from doing someone else’s research to getting other people to do yours. How can researchers get there?  Read more...

News | Feb. 4, 2020
Boston Consulting Group (BCG) invites German speaking researchers to Boston

The event "Coming home with the group", taking place from 3-5 April in Boston, informs people living in North America about career opportunities in the area of consulting in Germany. Application is open until 1. March.  Read more...

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