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Early- to mid-career researchers like you matter: grad students, postdocs, young professors and group leaders are the backbone of science and research. As academics who pursue a career in other sectors you use your skills to foster progress in business, politics, and non-profits

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum, the GSO Leadership Academy and the Klaus Tschira Boost Fund seek to empower you as the next generation of academics to achieve more independence and recognition. AlumNode is a collaboration of these organizations. There are many alumni platforms available, however AlumNode is designed to connect researchers and scientists who usually would not meet.

Our alumni have diverse backgrounds in disciplines ranging from astrophysics and mathematics to politics and history. They work in academia as well as in the private, public and non-profit sectors from all corners of the globe.

To register as a member in AlumNode you must have participated in one of the three programs.

News | Nov. 14, 2019
Apply now for the 8th HLF: Calling outstanding young researchers in mathematics and computer science!

Young researchers in computer science and mathematics from all over the world can apply for one of the 200 coveted spots to participate in the Heidelberg Laureate Forum (HLF), an annual networking event. The HLF offers all accepted young researchers the great opportunity to personally interact with the laureates of the most prestigious prizes in the fields of mathematics and computer science.  Read more...

News | Nov. 13, 2019
35 Things to Do for Your Career by 35

We’re all for flexibility. Going your own way. Paving your own path. Doing what works for you (and not doing what doesn’t). But what do we really need to do before the time runs faster than expected?  Read more...

News | Nov. 6, 2019
5 Communication Hacks That Will Take You From Good to Great

Are you present when you speak to other people? Marcel Schwantes, Leadership and communication expert, explains why being emotionally present is the key tool for great communication.  Read more...

News | Nov. 1, 2019
Scientists learn about time and health management

AlumNode alumni Manu and Marcel successfully completed their AlumNode project, a workshop for Postdocs and PhD students on mental health.  Read more...

News | Oct. 28, 2019
Community engagement: a starter pack for scientists

Altough community-engaged research takes longer than conventional research, this method can help you develop your reserach more effectively.  Read more...

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