Bridging Gender Gap in STEM Pakistan: Workshop on Female Role Model Outreach 

by Farkhanda Afzal, Deborah Dormah Kanubala & Deeba Afzal


Pakistan is among the developing countries where this disparity is highest according to the 2020 report of the World Economic Forum. The female literacy rate is low and even lower in sciences, engineering, and technology. Pakistan, as a developing country, is striving to improve the general economy for which the role and participation of women are very important. Fortunately, the realization of the STEM gender gap has led the government and other organizations to step forward to reduce the disparity.

In line with these efforts, StemWomenPK in collaboration with AlumNode organized its 2nd workshop at FG Postgraduate College for Women, Kashmir Road. The one-day Workshop was organized at the University of Lahore titled, “Taking a giant Leap for Gender Equality – Emerging Opportunities”. The main objective was to address gender and gender barriers in the scientific and academic communities. It highlighted the challenges faced by girls in STEM in general and how girls in Pakistan relate to this issue.

The event attracted many female role models in STEM to share their journeys and inspire girls in STEM Pakistan.

Bridging Gender Gap in STEM Pakistan