According to United Nations data, less than 30% of scientific researchers worldwide are women. Studies have shown that women are discouraged from, or become less interested in, entering the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) beginning at a young age. See, who of the 10 most important female scientists are and what they accompilshed.

Ddespite challenges of gender discrimination and lack of recognition in the scientific community, countless inspiring women in these fields have made historic contributions to science and helped advance understanding of the world around us. Many were not recognized in their own lifetimes, but their achievements have helped generations of female scientists to come.

We all learned about Marie Curie and Jane Goodall, but here are 10 more women in science you should know.

Not only Alice Ball (1892-1916) is named, but also Lise Meitner (1878-1968) an others.
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Photo: Lise Meitner, Archive of Max-Planck-Society, Berlin-Dahlem (Germany)