Elephant in the Lab - a blog on scientific topics - just published a new article. In the interview Haibo Ruan from the The Lise Meitner Society talks about the forms of power abuse in science, its gender dimension, and how to address and overcome it.

The Lise Meitner Society (Lise-Meitner-Gesellschaft) is a non-profit organization founded by young scientists, which works towards equal opportunities in mathematics and natural sciences and inside and outside of academia. As part of our special issue on power in academia, we spoke to Dr. habil. Haibo Ruan, a member of the LMG board, and a mathematician at Technical University of Hamburg, to find out more about the challenges faced by female scholars in mathematics and natural sciences, and how the LMG is working towards addressing these issues.

Read the interview with Dr. habil. Haibo Ruan here.