In order to illuminate the projects, collaborations and career developments of the HLF alumni, the HLFF Spotlight series features select examples in brief interviews or video documentaries.

Alumni in Action

The fundamental intention behind the week of the HLF is clear: Provide a selection of the brightest minds in mathematics and computer science the space and time to make connections and inspire each other. At times, those connections will create ripples that flow into collaborations and projects, with some of those efforts leading to concrete developments. In order to showcase these inspirational stories, the HLFF Spotlight series was created. HLFF Spotlight: Alumni in Action features interviews and brief video documentaries where HLF alumni introduce their projects. Find out how those alumni have utilized the diverse programs und funding opportunities available to propel their projects and develop their careers.


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Animal Tracking

Take a look at the first HLFF Spotlight featuring Oluwasefunmi and Adebayo who provide insight into their Project on Intelligent Animal Tracking and their workshop with local farmers where they presented the tracker’s potential to inhibit animal rustling.