We welcome a new group of members to AlumNode. As of March 1, alumni of the Klaus Tschira Stiftung will join the network - namely scientists, who are winners of the KlarText Award for Science Communication.

About the KlarText Award of Science Communication

With the KlarText Award for Science Communication, the Klaus Tschira Stiftung (foundation)  (KTS) honors German-speaking doctoral graduates who are able to explain their doctoral dissertation to a non-scientific audience in an understandable and descriptive article - so to speak in a clear (in German "klar") way of writing. This prize is awarded to talented scientists in the field of STEM.

When Mathematics meets Justice - Award Winners of 2020

The mystery of the age of quasars, the interaction of autonomously acting machines, new strategies against multi-resistant germs, methane emissions from lakes and mathematics in the service of justice - these are only a few topics that were addressed by the latest winners of the KlarText Award for Science Communication in 2020.

The six young scientists focused on very different issues in their doctoral theses which they then turned into easily understandable articles in German, hoping to inspire even non-scientists with current research.

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The Community is growing - and therefore your network of scientists, professionals and experts!

Get to Know Your new Peers

For our upcoming Virtual Coffee Break, we have invited the KlarText Award winners to join us and connect with the community for the first time. As members of AlumNode, we invite you to join our events, get career advice and be a mentor for the community.

With this new group of members, you will have more opportunities to find potential collaborators for your project ideas or your career network.

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