Together with over 40 participants from the AlumNode community, we met at our first virtual Coffee break. Our new event series “Virtual Coffee Break” opens up a space for discussions, peer exchange, and topic-related input on a regular basis. This time Lysanne and Christof, both AlumNode members, talked about networking in academia and in the industry.

First Virtual Coffee Break

AlumNode Coffee Break – March 18, 2021

#networking – think long-term and make it last

During our 1 hour session, the community not only got to know each other better through "speed-networking", but also discussed their experience on networking as a researcher - in academia and in the industry.

4 hacks on networking in ACADEMIA

The participants collected hacks during the presentation by the speakers Lysanne and Christof and found out the following:

  1. Build your profile and be visible (on Twitter/LinkedIn). Make it personal but stay professional - share your results with your community.
  2. Think long-term! A network needs time to grow, start networking now!
  3. Have something to give. What can you do for other people? This can be rewarding for your future!
  4. Say "hi" occasionally - opens up new opportunities.

4 hacks on networking in INDUSTRY

  1. Do practical things and go outside your "bubble".
  2. Do what you enjoy and don't be afraid to try things out - be open-minded.
  3. Create a strong and lasting network (via Twitter/LinkedIn - collaborate with people!
  4. Be prepared - have your resume ready and be open for an interview at any time.

About the speakers

Lysanne Snijders is a Klaus Tschira Boost fund Fellow and works as an Assistant Professor at the Behavioural Ecology Group of Wageningen University in the Netherlands & Research and Guest Researcher in Berlin, Germany.

She runs a successful blog where she communicates her research and has a vibrant Twitter account. Lysanne is convinced that outreach and networking also matter when you are a scientist.


Christof Leng started his academic career in computer science in Darmstadt and Berkeley USA, however then decided to switch to industry. Now, he works at Google in Germany and knows how challenging thus important networking can be to boost your career.

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