Over 30 participants from the AlumNode community met at our second Virtual Coffee Break to network and gain insight into two perspectives of how leadership works in academia and beyond.

AlumNode Coffee Break on #leadership

Our “Virtual Coffee Break” event series opens up a space for discussions, peer exchange, and topic-related input on a regular basis. Join us for informal and interesting meet-ups to:

  • interactively get to know your community,
  • exchange tips on your career experience,
  • learn about hacks on networking, poster production, science communication, and more!

Together with our HLF alumni, Michelle and Djordje, the community discussed the relevance of #leadership an academia.

Hacks that you might consider when pushing your leadership skills:

  • Understand yourself, when you meet other cultures you understand yourself better.
  • Think about great goals and the importance of role models.
  • Take responsibility! Be active in your network but always have your priorities in mind.

  • Start early with best practice and leadership skills. Try to educate yourself on leadership as early in your career as possible, before you get thrown into a leadership position that you’re not ready for.
  • Take advantage of the current situation we find ourselves in, find ways to navigate around the difficulties posed by remote working.
  • Try to have a diverse team and create an inclusive environment - Take into consideration: personality, discipline and background.

About the Speakers

Đorđe Baralić (1st, 7th HLF Alumus)

is a Research Associate Professor and Deputy Communications Director of the Mathematical Institute SANU, Belgrade Serbia. He earned his master's degree at the University of Kragujevac in 2008 and obtained his PhD from the University of Belgrade in 2013. His expertise: Toric Topology | Algebraic & Applied Topology. | Combinatorics | Geometry.

Michelle Stuhlmacher (6th HLF Alumna)

is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geography at DePaul University, Chicago, IL (USA). She earned her master's degree in 2017 & her PhD in 2020 from the Arizona State University. Her expertise: Land System Science | Urban Socio-Environmental Systems | Sustainability Science | Remote Sensing & Spatial Analysis.