We are happy to announce that after receiving a lot of interesting and innovative AlumNode Project Funding applications, the jury has selected 6 interdisciplinary and international projects by our alumni that will be funded this year.

AlumNode Funding 2021

From connecting Arts & Mathematics to bridging gender gap in STEM

Here's a quick overview of the selected projects:

  1. Bridging Gender Gap in STEM Pakistan: Workshop on Female Role Model Outreach by Farkhanda Afzal, Deborah Dormaa Kanubala & Deeba Afzal.
  2. Perceptions of Death in Collective Memory: Numbers | Spaces | Texts by Sibylle Erle & Makrina Agaoglou.
  3. Making Early Mathematics Learning Available and Fun by Edin Liđan & Bojana Pantić
  4. Connecting the Unconnected: A Tool for Digital Inclusion by Aniq Ur Rahman, Anish Jindal, Khac-Hoang Ngo.
  5. Unlimited Sensing on Spheres by Ayush Bhandari & Vincent Bouis
  6. Digital Notebooks for Enhanced Accessibilty to Scientific Research by Dominic Mills-Howell & Demian Goos.

A big thanks to all AlumNode alumni who submitted their project ideas and for being active members of the community! We will soon present the details and progress on each project on our website.

Learn more about the current and past funded alumni projects here:

About the Alumni Projects