The 8th Heidelberg Laureate Forum started yesterday. The AlumNode team welcomed all future alumni at the virtual booth & is looking forward to a growing community!

Each year the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) invites computer scientists and mathematicians to join the international conference.

Digital Conference HLF

This September 20–23, the digital 8th HLF (Heidelberg Laureate Forum) offers a diverse blend of traditional and novel components for the selected young researchers and the other participants. There was an effort made to construct a program that unmistakably resembles the HLF while being undeniably optimized for an online format. Providing a space for effective interaction was the principal motivation in tailoring each element.

Leading up to the 8th HLF, a few workshops were designed to provide the young researchers with direct and tangible benefits in their careers.

Though the digital 8th HLF looks and feels very different from the actual event, the fundamental principle remains constant: some of the brightest minds in mathematics and computer science come together for interdisciplinary exchange.

Find out more about this year's HLF here.

 8th HLF 

HLF participants on AlumNode

All HLF participants who actively contributed to the virtual event will have the chance to become a member of AlumNode. We are very much looking forward to our growing community!