You are a PhD candidate or Postdoc and want to learn more about what a strategically smart next step in your career can look like? Join the free webinar on "Succeeding in your future postdoc: How to find a postdoc, how to enjoy it, and how to plan your career" on February 16!

Free webinar: February 16, 2022

Succeeding in your future postdoc: How to find a postdoc, how to enjoy it, and how to plan your career!

About the speaker Thalyana Stathis, PhD

Thalyana Stathis is the career advisor for postdocs and PhD students at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) in NYC. She supports hundreds of students and postdocs in each stage of their career planning, and she directs workshops for career exploration and navigating the job market for all academic and non-academic career paths.

Prior to her role at Memorial Sloan Kettering, she served as Assistant Dean at Columbia University’s Graduate School and worked at Springer Nature as a journal editor. Thalyana received her PhD from Yale University in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology.


When? February 16, 2022 at 4pm CET

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Thalyana about her talk

"I will advise students on how to be successful in their postdoc at any institution, no matter where they end up going, and I will provide examples from MSKCC and discuss why MSKCC may be a good choice for them for their postdoc. I will give examples regarding how to search for postdoc opportunities at MSKCC and how to be successful as a postdoc here. I will also share stories about international researchers who have gone on to pursue impressive careers inside and outside of academia in the US, back in their home country, or in another country, after their postdoc at MSKCC.

As I counsel all PhD students and postdocs currently at MSKCC, I have shared lots of advice with these trainees regarding their current and future careers, and I would like to share this same advice with the audience during the presentation, including:

  • Why consider doing a postdoc as part of your career
  • Types of career options, types of learning goals to have for your postdoc
  • How to be a strong candidate
  • How to find a postdoc
  • How to apply for a postdoc
  • How to choose a postdoc advisor and lab
  • How to learn about important resources at an institution
  • How to be productive and achieve your goals during your postdoc
  • How to utilize supportive networks during your postdoc
  • How to launch your career after your postdoc"

Thalyana's input will be followed by a Q&A session.

The event is moderated by Anne Schreiter (German Scholars Organization).