Find a list of supportive links for researchers who at at-risk.– either in Ukraine or in other countries. Feel free to share this post to your network or provide the network with further links that you know!

Researchers at-risk

Many researchers are at risk due to unstable conditions – we see this currently in Ukraine and also in other countries.

For now, the German Scholars Organization and AlumNode try to help by spreading useful information. If you know about resources, especially for academics, researchers, and scientists in need, please let us know via or as members of the community, share your knowledge in the comments below.

  • In view of the situation in Ukraine, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is extending the deadline for the nomination of Ukrainian scholars in the Philipp Schwartz Initiative:
  • The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - German Research Foundation has funding initiatives for refugee researchers, including the possibility for labs holding some DFG grants to write a supplement to include at-risk researchers in their budget: 
  • For postdoctoral researchers specifically, the DFG Walter Benjamin program has a special track for those coming from an at-risk country:
  • Statement of the Allianz der Wissenschaftsorganisationen, posted by Leibniz Association:
  • The German Red Cross provides information on how to help and what to do to support family and friends in Ukraine (in German):
  • Concerning other at-risk countries of origin, Hani Harb and the German - Syrian Research Society are providing information and services for the new Arabic and Syrian research community in Germany.

Share your helpful links

Do you know other platforms or links that are relevant in your countries for researchers at-risk? Then please share with us and the AlumNode Community in the comment section below (log-in required).

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