The company NEC provides a dynamic environment for research careers in a wide variety of disciplines, including machine learning, data science, security, system platform, IoT and 5G. Their researchers and engineers work in small teams in an informal setting. Check out their latest job offers and fellowships now!

NEC Laboratories Europe is the European research center of NEC Corporation, a world leader in the computer and communications markets with a large world-wide base of R&D Laboratories. Top researchers from more than 20 countries develop, pilot and bring to reality technologies through open innovation.

Five Current Job Openings

  1. Research Associate / Research Scientist, to contribute to research and development in the area of security and privacy with a special focus on privacy-enhancing technologies, access control, cloud security, and distributed systems security. Our work ranges from foundational research and IPR creation to prototype development for NEC products and services. Application Deadline May 31, 2022
  2. (Senior) Research Engineer, in the field of AI applications, to design, develop, and implement AI applications with real-world impact. Our AI application domain is digital government with special focus on carbon neutrality and law enforcement. Application Deadline May 31, 2022
  3. (Senior) Research Engineer, in the field of machine learning to transform and extend machine learning research prototypes into stable software with real-world impact. You will also be involved in setting up and running human evaluation experiments for AI algorithms and write patent applications. Application Deadline June 15, 2022
  4. (Senior) Research Scientist, in the field of explainable AI and NLP to research, develop and evaluate prototypes, which form the basis for solutions that lead to real-world impact. This includes the writing of patent applications. You will combine your knowledge of explainable AI and Natural Language Processing to develop human-centric AI solutions. Application Deadline June 30, 2022
  5. (Senior) Research Engineer, in the field of Data Ecosystems to enhance technology and create data space platforms and related applications based on the standards from organizations such as GAIA-X, IDSA, or FIWARE, with Smart Cities. Application Deadline June 15, 2022

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Location: Heidelberg, Germany (HLF alumni know about the beauty of this place!)