How do pregnant researchers can make the best out of their lab time? And how can lab managers support women in science? Together with Hanno (LSA9 and her peers at Yale, Mary Kate Lane published a review on challenges to expect during pregnancy in a lab and how to overcome them.

Mary Kate Mitchell Lane, Hanno Erythropel (LSA 3 Alumnus) and further researchers published an article on What to Expect When Expecting in Lab: A Review of Unique Risks and Resources for Pregnant Researchers in the Chemical Laboratory. Anne (AlumNode/GSO) talked to Mary Kate about her experience as a pregnant researcher and what laboratories can do to support vulnerable groups in science.

Mary Late answers to questions like:

  • What’s your understanding of a “culture of safety“? 

  • What can individual researchers do to promote culture of safety?

  • What effects do you hope your paper has for vulnerable groups?

  • What can PIs and group leaders do to foster a culture of safety?

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