The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation (HLFF) brings light into the dark: Check out the new HLFF Blog post on the how AI is mastering games and what that could mean for all of us!

Beyond Chess and Go:

Why AI Mastering Games Could Be Good News For Everyone

This week at the HLFF Blog, Andrei Mihai takes an in-depth look at how various AI have mastered games, from board game classics like chess and Go, to Super Mario Brothers and Starcraft 2.

Beyond these narrow use cases, Andrei explains the utility of such self-teaching AI beyond the scope of the gaming world, and what these advancements could mean for society at large.

Andrei is a science communicator and a PhD candidate in geophysics. He is the co-founder of ZME Science, where he published over 2,000 articles. Andrei tries to blend two things he loves (science and good stories) to make the world a better place -- one article at a time.

Check out the blog for the full story:Beyond Chess: Why AI Mastering Games Could Be Good News For Everyone.”

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Photo Caption: From chess to modern games – AI is ready to take on the world. Image credits: Deep Mind / press release

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