Apply now: Funding program for German-speaking early-stage and mid-career researchers of all disciplines at universities and other research institutions abroad.

Idea: Learn about Leadership in Science and beyond

  • How do I build my research group and discover the right style of leadership for me?
  • How can I become a professor in Germany and what options are there for me in other sectors?
  • How can I advance my personal development?

The funding program helps German-speaking researchers abroad from Germany and for those, who recently returned to Germany to find the answers in an interdisciplinary, transnational group.

25 Fellowships for researchers

The German Scholars Organization offers full fellowship stipends for 25 outstanding researchers of all disciplines who are ready for the next career step – as a junior group leader, assistant or full professor, founder of a startup or as a professional in a research-related organization or in industry.

The GSO Leadership Academy includes two live workshops in GERMANY (Berlin & Darmstadt) with career trainings, networking events and individual coachings.

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The program is funded and supported by the German foundations Klaus Tschira Stiftung and the Schader-Stiftung.