Check out the new entry in the “HLFF Spotlight – Alumni in Action” series! We speak to HLF alumna Aderonke Sakpere from Nigeria about women in STEM and her language learning app “Kọ́Èdè”

This week at the HLFF Blog, we sit down with one of the HLF’s alumna for another entry in our “HLFF Spotlight – Alumni in Action” series: This time we hear from Aderonke Sakpere, a computer scientist and lecturer from Nigeria. She tells us all about her early days studying computer science and some of the obstacles she faced. We also discuss her “Tech Girls Club”, an initiative she founded in 2019 which aims to help young women pursue a career in computer science. Finally, we talk about her ongoing project “Kọ́Èdè”, an app that enables and encourages early childhood learning of her native Yoruba language in order to better preserve her heritage.

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Image caption: Aderonke Sakpere with the mentors of the Tech Girls Club. 2021. Image credits: private