Check out the new HLFF Blog article by Sophie Maclean, where she highlights the life and work of mathematician Hugo Duminil-Copin, who was awarded the Fields Medal in 2022.

This week at the HLFF Blog, Sophie Maclean highlights the work of Hugo Duminil-Copin, who was awarded the prestigious Fields Medal in 2022 “for solving longstanding problems in the probabilistic theory of phase transitions in statistical physics, especially in dimensions three and four.” Sophie unpacks what precisely that entails and delves into greater detail on his work as it relates to the Ising Model. Finally, we also learn a little bit about the man behind the mathematics. Check out the full article here: 


Image caption: Hugo Duminil-Copin at a press conference at the 10th Heidelberg Laureate Forum, 2023, in Heidelberg, Germany. Image credits: HLFF