Check out the new HLFF Blog article by Andrei Mihai where he looks at the strange and interesting problem that helped spark 2022 Fields Medalist June Huh’s interest in mathematics.

Many accomplished mathematicians discover their passion early on, often as children. For 2022 Fields Medalist June Huh, this realization did not come until much later in his life. Looking back, there had been flashes of interest and brilliance, but these came from a place of artistic pursuit and a seemingly unrelated game puzzle, illustrating how the paths to mathematical success are as varied as the individuals who walk them. This week at the HLFF Blog, Andrei Mihai looks at the mathematical puzzle that June Huh recalls encountering in middle school, which may have been an indication of his interest and aptitude in math, even if he did not realize it at the time. Check out the article here:


Image caption: A mathematical puzzle featuring chess knights. Image credits: Andrei Mihai