Answering the question "What did you actually do in your dissertation?", STEM scientists can submit papers in German about their doctoral thesis.

  • The KlarText Award is given to young researchers, who did a excellent doctorate in 2018 or 2019 and hand in an article about their dissertation - understandable for a non-scientific audience. 
  • The scientists' research field must be in Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Neurosciences or Physiks. 
  • The award is funded by the Klaus Tschira Stiftung. Award winners get 5.000 € for the article, which will be published  in the "KlarText Magazin" afterwards. Also, they get a chance to participate in a workshop about science communication in Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Neither the nationality nor the location of the university at which they received their doctorate are relevant for the application. The text must be written in German though.

Find more information on the application process here.

Application Deadline: 20th February 2020