Our alumni regularly present themselves to the community. Last time, it was Jimoh (news from January). This time Arogundade tells us more about her career path. She is also the group leader of one of our AlumNode Projects.

Oluwasefunmi Tale AROGUNDADE is an alumna from the Heidelberg Laureate Forum and group leader of the Alumni Project "Intelligent Animal Monitoring And Tracking". AlumNode asked her three questions about her career and this is what she had to say:


"There are many reasons why I am a researcher today, but just to mention a few. Foremost, I need to give you a bit of the background to my interest in research. During my undergraduate days in the University there was only a single female lecturer and researcher in my Department (Mathematical Sciences) comprising of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. I decided to study hard and acquired enough qualifications that will enable me to become a lecturer and researcher to bridge the gap of women involvement in science and technology."

1. I am a researcher because...

"... I have a great passion for providing solutions to challenges in my immediate environment and globally. Research allows me to pursue my interests, to learn new things, to boost my problem-solving skills and to challenge myself in new things.

Out of my inquisitiveness to solve problems in my immediate environment, in my undergraduate days, I proposed a network based software to the Banking system in Nigeria to ease customers travelling a long distance before they can make transactions. It was to enable them transact in any branch of their Bank not necessarily where the account was opened as the case was in those days.

Working on a research project gives me the opportunity to work closely with other academics and experienced researchers and thereby build my research network. It also enables me to mentor junior colleagues."

2. What do you do when you are not doing research?

"When I am not doing research I concentrate on personal and family development. Spend time with my kids and husband. Make phone calls to friends and family members. Follow up on collaborators and mentees. Project into the future on family needs and purchases. I engage in religious activities in my church. I organized useful programme for women."

3. What was the most memorable experience of your career so far?

"The most memorable experience of my career was in 2009 when I won Organization for Women in Science for Developing World (OWSD) postgraduate scholarships for three years to study in China for a PhD degree. That was the beginning of breakthrough and exposure in my career till today."

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Thank you for sharing your career path with us, Oluwasefunmi!

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